Friday, October 01, 2010

A lack of an apology following an epic blunder is one of the ways to spot a shoddy "tech-journalist"

This "tech-journalist" at TG Daily published an article in which she committed an epic blunder - she attributed to Microsoft a technology being developed and promoted by Google. Is this an excusable mistake? In my opinion, no. Because she has mixed Google and Microsoft in the same article, and any sane person would've realized that mutually exclusive events don't occur together. Perhaps she was an intern. Whatever.

Now. When NYT or WSJ make a correction to an already-published article, these houses make sure that the edit is promptly highlighted. And this admission actually raises one's respect for these fine publications. On the other hand, when an outlet such as TG Daily makes an epic blunder, like it made today, it quietly changes all the instances of Microsoft to Google, and doesn't make any admission whatsoever. A thief always leaves some trails, they say. So did TG Daily - it forgot to:
  1. Update the tags
  2. Change the URL, which still includes Microsoft
  3. Delete all the comments that blast this article and its intern author for this epic failure
Bottom line: Absence of admission and stealthy damage-control is one of the surest ways to spot a low-standards organization and a clueless and shoddy "tech-journalist".


  1. Update (2-Oct-10): Another "tech-journalist" who has no clue what he's talking.

    The Web sure has democratized publishing, but this has resulted in moronic material accounting for a higher proportion of all the information published these days!

  2. Rishabh suppose if I am collecting information of some topic/topics through various sources on internet (& even referring to some books) & wanna put the consolidated form on the internet itself. Then is it 'OK' if I just write 'source:Internet' at the end of the article? or should 'all the source links' be mentioned individually?

  3. It's not okay to attribute Internet as the source. All individual sources should be attributed individually. We never attribute Books or Newspapers as a source, so...

  4. Update (03-Apr-11): I'm convinced that most of these so-called "tech-bloggers" and "tech-journalists" suck big time. This asshole - I can't stop my laughter - used "8 megabyte" for a camera (and that too multiple times) rather than "8 megapixel", and quietly corrected this blunder when shit was spewed at him in comments, but since he obviously doesn't know what quality is, he missed correcting the last instance!