Saturday, August 14, 2010

Results of various tests related to IQ, logic, memory, reasoning, speed, etc., that I've taken

This post is intended to summarize the results of all the cognition-related tests that I've taken recently, and to replace all the related posts that I've written previously (all of which have been deleted).

The following chart from the now-defunct MSN Encarta shows a standard distribution of IQ scores.

The following list summarizes my performance (screenshots here):
  1. (6-Jun-06) (Result: "129")
  2. Super IQ Test (by Tickle) (10-Jan-07) (Result: Detailed result currently not accessible on the website. The only information available on record is that I was termed a Creative Theorist)
  3. IQ Test (by the now-defunct UberMens International) (11-Aug-08) (Result: "154")
  4. IQ Test (25-Dec-08) (Result: "137")
  5. Real Superhumans (memory test) (24-May-09) (Result: Scored above both "Average People" and "Super Humans")
  6. Real Superhumans (memory test) (24-May-09) (Result: Identical to the first time)
  7. IQ test (13-Jun-09) (Result: "over 140")
  8. IQ Test (13-Jun-09) (Result: "140")
  9. Ultimate IQ Test (21-Jun-09) (Result: "123")
  10. Ultimate IQ Test (based on Mensa IQ Workout) (21-Jun-09) (Result: "148")
  11. What's Your IQ? (11-Aug-10) (Result: "146")
  12. How's Your IQ? (11-Aug-10) (Result: "80", on a 0-100 scale)
  13. Kaplan 20 Minute Workout (GMAT) (17-Sep-10) (Result: "16/16")

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  1. A comment by Medhavin on one of the previous versions of this post (August 14, 2008 10:11 PM):

    :D Long time Rishabh... (I guess I'll cut out the Sir thing now onwards!)

    I was almost wondering if you would ever blog back after joining Grail...

    BTW... I remembered that back in DAV we gave a trial for an inter-school GK contest where I was paired with you as a team...

    It was held by a few science dept. teachers in the basement hall (The same place where they projected a presentation made by you and another guy on one of the open days..)

    I don't recall much but there was this question regarding the full form of 'TNT' which raised quite some commotion!! We didn't make the cut though...