Friday, June 27, 2008

Why I shall trust Wikipedia a little less from now...

I have had quite a lot of faith in Wikipedia. Till now that is. Although news stories and blog posts (and lately, some of my colleagues and friends as well) have been whining about incorrectness of facts on Wikipedia for quite long now, I somehow still held strong faith in Wikipedia's correctness. Not anymore. Here's why...

I watched Dil Dosti Etc some days back, and after having watched it, I felt like knowing who Sanjay in the movie is, in reality. A quick Google search informed me that it's Shreyas Talpade, and as I started reading about Shreyas Talpade on Wikipedia, I was a little surprised to read his age- 41 years. I was quite surprised that even at the age of 41, he played the role of a college guy in Dil Dosti Etc, and throughout the movie I didn't feel even once that he's 41.

Here's a screenshot of what I saw on Wikipedia
However, today when I made mummy watch Dil Dosti Etc, mummy said she already knows who Shreyas Talpade is, and mummy challenged me that he isn't 41 years old. I quickly showed mummy the article on Wikipedia, but mummy was firm that it just cannot be true. Then I conducted some celebrity searches on Live Search, and found this page on MSN India, from which his current age can be deduced as 34 years. Quite frankly, I was amazed as to how there exists a clear discrepancy between what Wikipedia says and what's mentioned on MSN India.

Here's the page I saw on MSN India
Who did I finally believed? Wikipedia or MSN India? I'll believe MSN India on this one.

And I'll believe Wikipedia a tad less from now.

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