Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Web Browsers That Inspire Fearless Confidence (While Surfing The Internet)

The title of this post is slightly incorrect, linguistically. However, I'm not changing it, as it's tightly tied to the URL of this blog post.

Currently, I use the following Web browsers on my Windows XP laptop.
  1. Apple Safari 3.1 (AS)
  2. Mozilla Firefox (FF)
  3. Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 (FF)
  4. Opera Browser 9.27 (OB)
  5. Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 (IE)
I never feel confident or secure when browsing using IE (probably due to its long and tarnished history of severe security bugs). Similarly, I don't get the feeling of security when using AS (although to a far lesser extent). So I use these 2 browsers to browse only the "good" websites (like BBC, CNN, Gmail, Blogger, New York Times, etc.). It may be noted that my use of IE is very limited (I use it only when someday I feel like using IE), whereas my use of AS is heavy.

However, FF, FF 3 Beta 5 and OB 9.27 give me full confidence when I'm on the Web. I sail through the Web without any fear whatsoever, & without anything inhibiting me from clicking something (even when on notorious websites like those listing software cracks & serials), and they've never betrayed me to date.

Here is another list with the browsers ordered according to how much I trust them
  1. Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5
  2. Mozilla Firefox (I've to use it because some of my favorite add-ons aren't yet available for FF 3 Beta 5)
  3. Opera Browser 9.27 (Yes, I trust it just a little bit less than FF, perhaps because it's a closed-source computer program)
  4. Apple Safari 3.1
  5. Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1
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