Friday, March 30, 2007

how i think one can cool a room in a college's hostel with no cooler or air conditioner

its getting hotter in india, and especially here in delhi. i am on the 3rd floor of my hostel, and naturally its hotter here than it would be at the ground floor.

my room is approximately 6 meter x 6 meter x 8 meter [l x b/w x h]. only a ceiling fan on top and a fluorescent tube light. the ambient temperature here should be about 34 degree celsius [i have no thermometer with me here, but to find out the ambient temperature, i put my laptop to standby mode, and then after 2 hours- to give it time to cool to ambient temperature- i resumed it from standby mode. immediately i checked the hard disk temperature in hddlife program, which showed me 35 degree celsius. i compensated for slight increase in temperature during resuming by 1 degree, and so 34 should be a very accurate calculation. here in india we call such a method an intelligent jugaad :-)].

anyways, this is uncomfortable. my friend too cribbed about it, and i suggested him something that came to my mind all of a sudden. why not fill a bucket with cold water [from the water cooler in my hostel]. the water's temperature should be at most 13-14 degrees celsius, and thus there is a good difference of about 20 degrees between water and room air.

put this big bucket in room, and let its water absorb heat. water has high specific heat, and according to newton's law of cooling, the temperature difference will ensure rapid heat absorption. i dont know whether this method will indeed be effective in making the room temperature just comfortable, or less uncomfortable at least. i think it should work, after all whatever heat is absorbed by water, its obviously reducing temperature of room. but any reduction in room temperature will also cause heat from outside room to flow in. nevertheless, there should be some benefit of this no-cost method.

if it doesnt work satisfactorily, i simply gonna take that bucket, turn it around over my head and drench myself with cold water to mar the heat.

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