Saturday, November 09, 2019

Microsoft's new Edge - Chromium based - is finally and quickly turning out to be the fastest, most slick Web browser [COMPACTIDEA]

Been using both Beta and Dev channels for many months now [ever since these landed on Windows 8.1], and finally, it's not difficult to say that this new Edge is turning out to be faster and slicker than even Chrome. Perhaps the fastest Internet browser out there. Mozilla still hasn't fully solved the slow-speed issues of Firefox [though latest versions are improving in this regard, albeit slowly], but this new Edge is a speed demon - especially the latest 80.something series. It's slick, it's fluid, the scrolling is just amazing and smooth and way ahead of Google Chrome's. Also, it's different, it's exotic, it has that psychological assurance of having everything Google ripped out of its innards [Bing as the default search engine hardly hurts now - since Bing itself has now come dangerously close to Google], and so on. The 'Immersive Reader' is a meaningful improvement over the clean / readable modes in other browsers. Microsoft is showing its programming and user-interface prowess with Edge - and it's showing that it can make a better browser than Google. The goal, it seems, is to be the best out there.

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