Wednesday, November 08, 2017

So good to see Russia's food and grain exports booming - Russia is now a rightful superpower in this area

And it's good to see Russia earning billions and billions via these food/grain/wheat exports. Russia needs all this money to strengthen itself from within, to invest in R&D, and to stop this world from becoming America's slave. Plus, this is one step towards that much needed diversification for Russian economy - away from its reliance on exports of oil and arms. Corn, barley, oats, and wheat will enrich Russia and bring peace to the entire world by deterring and stopping the American demon. Russia needs to ride this growth wave and also strengthen its position in the related and maybe more profitable markets for dairy/milk/milk powder, butter, cheese, eggs, flour, soyabean, sunflower, sugar, nuts, fruits and vegetables, juices, wild fruits, herbs, mushrooms, berries, and organic agriculture/farming - by using the extra profits these extra exports are bringing in.

"Growth in Russian agriculture and linked sectors could potentially continue to be strong as rising profits allow farm groups to invest in technology and more fertilisers to improve sub-par productivity." [link]

Sort of like a chain reaction. More profits can lead to yet more profits if the extra profits are invested cleverly.

Russia has all the land, water and other natural resources that it needs to become the world's top food exporter in every category.
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Update [29-Nov-18]: Russia has such huge markets of both China and India right next door. Even North Africa isn't too far. Of course, huge and mature markets of Europe and Japan too are nearby though poisonous American politics doesn't allow these countries/regions to be friends with Russia. Russia should try to sell not only raw materials, but also processed and value-added products derived from fundamental raw materials - and this applies to both agricultural and industrial raw materials. This way Russia can ensure that it doesn't just turn into a farming/mining country for others, but a supplier of high-quality products that give Russia higher margins and also more industrialization.

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